Specialty Litho
Cincinnati Printer

Ed Babey
1919 - 1994

Elmer Babey
1924 - 2001

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A Quality Cincinnati Printer

Established in 1947, Ed and Elmer Babey started their printing company and called it Specialty Lithographing. The name Specialty Lithographing was taken from their first customer, The Specialty Ticket Company of Buffalo, New York; owned by a friend of their father, Joseph C. Babey, Sr.

The Cincinnati Printer began in a 2 car garage at 111 West Nixon St. in Corryville. Over the ensuing years growth was slow and very conservative. They gradually took over the second floor of the garage and then added on another room to the back of the building. In 1954 growth became more apparent with the construction of a new building at the corner of Glendora and Rochelle where the company worked and grew for some 13 years.

In 1967, the Cincinnati Printer purchased land in Queensgate at 1035 W. Seventh St., and a 6,000 square foot building was constructed. Ed and Elmer's sons, Jim and Mark are now operating the company and in 2004 have expanded with a 10,000 square foot edition.

The company has become a modern, well equipped printing source in the Cincinnati multi-color market. With their 29 and 40 inch format they have kept pace with the demanding needs of their customers.

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Specialty Litho
Cincinnati Printer
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